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Alumafandango 2013 – Solar Power!

From 2013 and 34' to 1962 and 16' - it's been a treat!

From 2013 and 34′ to 1962 and 16′ – it’s been a treat!

Sixty three Airstreams. Yep, that’s how many I counted. I might have counted one or two twice or not at all as counting Airstreams all lined up 30 feet apart in three rows is a bit like counting marbles in a jar. No matter the actual count, the turn out has been very good.

The Trunk - Designed by me, envied by many, scorned by purists

The Trunk – Designed by me, envied by many, scorned by purists

I’ve met many nice folks and it seems the biggest hit of the event may just be The Trunk. I’ve had so many people stop by and ask about it, take pictures of it, want to see inside, and even wonder if the Mother Ship knows I did it. It’s been very popular and I’ve sure enjoyed talking to people about it.

Neil, a very enterprising man, announced he is going to copy The Trunk and sell a ton of them. That reminded me of the guy who sold millions of the Opti-Grab eye glass holder in The Jerk and made Navin a multi-millionaire from royalties. Maybe royalties are coming my way! Ha!

The weather has gone from Sacramento Valley hot to Oregon coast cool with a little rain shower to settle the dust. If it could just settle right in between there, I’d be ecstatic. The weather here is near perfect, all things considered.

I just attended a great conference on solar power for RVs presented by Thom from Sutton RV and Dave of Battery Systems. They both promote the Zamp Solar products and as a happy Zamp user I understand why – no worries – ever. They were touting Zamp’s portable solar panel arrays which come in 40, 80, 120, and 200 watt configurations. They fold in half, have their own semi-hard sided carrying case, and Sutton RV will wire them to a female 7-way trailer plug for no-brainer connections. The Alumafandango show price is great and I’ll probably buy an 80 watt for my trailer.

The two 90 watt Zamp Solar panels I have hardwired are excellent and my batteries are always freshened except for when I park in the shade. For those times, the 80 watt portable system would be just perfect. Most Airstream owners will probably opt for the 120 watt which is a great all-round system. Since I already have 180 watts of solar on the roof, the 80 watt portable would fill the gaps just right. I’ll fashion a 20’ security cable to keep honest folks honest, but the risk of losing a portable is still quite real. For me it’s a reasonable risk.

Rhonda Coleman starting the Airstream cookie decorating event

Rhonda Coleman starting the Airstream cookie decorating event

Rhonda Coleman of led the crowd for an Airstream cookie decorating class which my diet precluded me sticking around for (they were so cool!). A fun time for everyone.

Artists at work...

Artists at work…




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Alumafandango 2013 – Airstreams in Oregon

Alumafandango 2013 - Oregon

Alumafandango 2013 – Oregon

The Alumafandango sponsored by George Sutton RV (where I bought my ‘home’ 362 days ago), is in Canyonville, Oregon at the Seven Feathers resort and casino. And it’s humid, but of course anywhere in August outside of my home state of Nevada seems humid. Well, not Arizona or Utah, but pretty much everywhere else.

If you have never visited this RV park, you’ve missed out. It’s luxurious, green, clean, and modern. It has a portico to park your rig in while checking in and a uniformed attendant guides you to your spot with a smile and tips on hooking up. Free Wi-Fi and cable, too. A shuttle bus is waiting to pick you up to take you to the casino and convention center – at your site – no wandering around waiting for a routed bus. Or having o take your own car. Excellent.

At 5:00PM, the Airstream outside temperature is 92 degrees, but that’s not going to deter a bunch of ‘streamers from having a great time. I met Steve from Iowa who’s my front door neighbor. He’s in a 19’ Sport. He had a tough time on his way here and jack-knifed the trailer. He admitted it was driver error. He’s also a Vietnam Veteran and a standup guy.

I think this one's from New Mexico

I think this one’s from New Mexico

Scott and Stephanie pulled up on the other side and unloaded for their very first trip in their 27’ Safari. Their first Airstream anything was this event. A good way to start Airstreaminit.  I also met Neil from Washington. He’s been an Airstreamer for a long time and found great interest in my trunk. So have a lot of folks, but it’s not an authorized factory add-on, so they pretend not to look. Much.




The week ahead is fun-filled and I’ll report back, but now I’m headed to a market somewhere, maybe Roseburg.